What is ETTEM?

End Time Train Evangelistic Ministries is a faith based not-for-profit organization. Established by Evangelist Joshua Milton Blahyi to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the public streets and to the isolated individual through Evangelism, Crusades, and humanitarian Projects. One project close to Blayhi's heart is the Journey Against Violence project (JAV) designed to minimize crime in Liberia and to transform the lives of neglected children by taking them from the streets into a temporary home to become productive and useful citizens. JAV locates children and young men ready for life change such as healing from addiction, trauma, warfare and social isolation. 

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At ETTEM we have many opportunities for you to Get Involved. Tell us your gift and we will find a place for you. 

ETTEM was started by Joshua Milton Blahyi. He has now dedicated his life to his faith and the restoration of the people and country of Liberia. 

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