Journey Against Violence


JAV launched our first outreach in 2007 a total of 54 Journey Against Violence Youth (JAVY) forewent their ghetto lives to seek opportunities through JAV. At our first launch we had nearly 75% success rate and 10 of the initial 54 chose to stay behind and become leaders for the JAV mission and youth. The remaining 25% who were not successful initially, chose to remain with JAV to continue their progress. 
Later an additional 40 JAVY were recruited from the commercial district of Red Light, making the total of 66 JAVY (including ten graduated JAVY in leadership). As we grow, we continue teaching and strengthening individuals in their recovery empowering them to reunite with their parents, schools and communities.


By our simple living, we found ways to help the young men and also discovered the Eco-friendly ways of construction in our own community. Through support from Mercy Ships, JAVY have learned how to make interlocking bricks for construction in local developing communities. 

From 2007 to 2014, we worked with 530 young men with about 80% success.


Four Basic Strategies:

The End Time Project aims to accomplish its mission in four key phases:

  • Creating Hope: JAVY find hope through hearing testimonies of former associates and listening to preaching of Gospel in criminal hide-outs, ghettos, and slum areas.

  • Integration: JAVY become members of the JAV camp for the duration of their stay. During this period they receive, detox treatment, ongoing counseling and awareness to their civic duties and responsibilities.

  • Training: JAVY acquire marketable skills that would enable them resume productive life as normal and productive members of society.

  • Reintegration: JAVY become reunited and make amends with their families and communities by interviewing, reconciling and implementation of family therapy strategies.