Journey Against Violence is our mission aimed to pull children and young people from the ghetto to a hope-filled safe home where we help them with natural treatments to clean them from addictions in a stable place for learning different life acquired skills for smooth reintegration and life upon completion of the program.

And the Truth will set you free...

God's grace is sufficient for me. 

Through prison ministries men are learning of the unremarkable grace God has for them. With this hope they are able to live freely behind prison walls. 


Feeding has been one of the major cost strains on the project, farming our own food bridges the gap for this need. It also reasonably reduces the donors fatigue on our partners. Farming will also be used to help the beneficiaries learn the skills and techniques to produce sustenance after their graduation from JAV.

At age 11, Joshua Milton Blahyi became the high priest of the entire Sarpo/Krahn tribe after been trained into witchcraft for four years. In his late teens and early twenties in the Liberian civil wars he was one of the most infamous and feared warlords in all of Africa. Today, after a road to Damascus type conversion experience, he is an Evangelist with the infallible and irresistible truth that the devil cannot resist or deny. Joshua is presently ministering to ex-combatants, former child soldiers, other victims of the war and convicts in prisons. He also ministers to thousands in crusades in many parts of Africa.

Through the trade of construction, men become strengthen and enriched to contribute to their communities despite their history in warfare, drugs or criminal living. These contribution and the act of giving back the very things they used to destroy boosts their confidence and desire to engage positively into the community.


Find out when and where Joshua is going to be preaching the message of Christ.